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08.09.2023 14:02

The influx of Chinese investors in Dubai: what does it mean?

Trillionaire Residences
Developer Binghatti Holding LTD
Completion date Q3 2024
Total area from 30 m² to 239 m²
Bedrooms from 1 to 2
Start price
from 1 207 688  AED

The influx of Chinese investors in Dubai: what does it mean? 

Just recently we wrote that Dubai's real estate market could face a shortage, and today in addition to that we tell you that after the abolition of the zero-tolerance policy for Covid, Chinese investors are gradually returning to Dubai's real estate market.

The number of buyers from China has doubled since 2022. Demand from Chinese investors could be a key factor contributing to the strength of demand in the emirate's real estate market.

Equally to assess the full picture, air traffic from China will be restored to full strength only by the end of the year, so expect much greater results of real estate sales.

All this news speaks of the growing popularity of the emirate to live in it, and thus the growing interest of investors, buyers of real estate for investment!

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