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23.10.2023 16:47

Instructions for realtors: how to get the maximum commission on transactions in Dubai?

Savanna at Creek Beach
Developer Emaar Properties PJSC
Completion date Q3 2026
Total area from 138 m² to 158 m²
Bedrooms 3
Start price
from 3 199 888  AED

Instructions for realtors: how to get the maximum commission on transactions in Dubai?

The main advantages of working in the international real estate market: 

Possibility to receive commission in foreign currency

A large selection of countries and cities with sustainable economies

Reliable real estate developers. 

Now Dubai is the most popular place to buy real estate. The cost of objects varies from $200,000 to $5,000,000, and agency commissions from developers range from 2 to 10%. 

We tell you how to earn the maximum:

Factors affecting the commission rate are:

1. The cost of the object.

The higher the cost, the higher the commission.

2. Choice of developer.

It is important to take into account the quality of the object, the construction period and the size of the commission. Some developers offer additional bonuses and improved conditions for realtors. For example, a higher commission may be offered on more expensive apartments (Sobha, MAG, Tiger Group, Al Habtoor Group, Fakhruddin Properties, etc.) or in case of full or partial prepayment of the cost of the object in cash. Sometimes there are temporary promotions for higher commissions on new properties. 

3. Intermediary Platform.

Since in the UAE the process of going directly to the developer is not easy and not quick - you need to have a Dubai legal entity, go through a lengthy procedure of signing an agreement and build relationships with the developer's managers - using the services of an intermediary is often the most profitable solution. This way you can work with Dubai real estate remotely, being located anywhere in the world and not having special knowledge and skills. 

We offer up to 85% commission for active realtors working on our platform. This is the best offer in the Dubai market. Why? Here's why:

As a rule, intermediaries keep 50 to 70% of the total commission paid by the developer, but in return they offer access to their database of properties and assistance in preparing documents and processing the transaction, which can make your life a lot easier.

At Housebook we believe that a successful transaction is always the result of teamwork and professionalism of all participants of the process. Therefore, we offer up to 85% of the developer's commission for those who are ready to actively work with the client and find the right option for them on our platform. This is an absolute record in the Dubai market at the moment and a great opportunity to increase your income.

Alternatively, you can simply refer an interested client to our brokers at the very initial stages: they will select the property, conduct remote showings, prepare all the necessary documents and finalize the transaction for you. In this case, you will still get 65% of the developer's commission, without making any effort.

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